Susanne Sundfør

Sonnet Sound


“So, it’s definite, then” These are the words that open Susanne Sundfør’s extraordinary new album, ‘Ten Love Songs’. Casual but incredibly bleak, the inquiry sets the scene for a record that looks unblinkingly at the contradictions, hopes and fears, and the capacity both for rapture and betrayal that the human heart encompasses. Musically, the ambiguously titled album pulls Susanne closer to pop terrain than she has been before. Yet it also sings with the artistic freedom that has always characterised her work. Barring three tracks – ‘Accelerate’, on which she worked with Jonathan Bates, aka Big Black Delta; ‘Memorial’, with Anthony Gonzalez of M83; and ‘Silencer’, which saw her reunited with her long-time collaborator Lars Horntveth – the album was self-produced. “I wanted to feel a sense of independence in what I was doing,” Susanne says, “and I had very strong opinions about how it should sound. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since my early twenties, and I think I felt ready to prove to myself that I could actually do it. I’ve always had this insecurity about being completely independent in what I do – and maybe generally in life, too. But I’ve also felt this very strong desire to be free. So I think I needed some confirmation that I could do it. On some level, it is a very personal album; and given the themes, I wanted to do it exactly my own way.” Read More...