Since they first burst onto the scene with the release of their classic debut album ‘Melody A.M’ back in 2001, Norwegian electronic music overlords Röyksopp have only released three further studio albums. First came 2005's more experimental ‘The Understanding’, then 2009's extrovert, pop-lead ‘Junior’ followed swiftly by its more introvert sister album, ‘Senior’. That was back in 2010. Four years later, however, and following a burst of creativity instigated by personal upheaval and the general living of lives they're about to release their second album in the space of six months – following ‘Do It Again’, their collaborative mini-album with fellow Scandinavian legend, Robyn – in the shape of the multi-faceted, ‘The Inevitable End’. “We feel there's a lot of music out there that just doesn't have any identity - something that we really strive for in our music,” says Torbjørn of the time it takes between releases. Read More...