King Khan & The Shrines



King Khan and the Shrines have been stunning audiences for nearly two decades with their unique mix of pure old school R&B mixed with a heavy dose of pure psychedelic majesty and unhinged, wild, frantic rock n' roll. Imagine, if you will, a screamin' Bollywood Wilson Pickett hanging out in Andy Warhol's factory dropping LSD in his eyes and wearing a shiny golden cape that wraps around the world, or simply picture the love child of Anubis and Kali drinking milk straight from Ganesha's trunk. King Khan & The Shrines is more than just psychedelic soul band they are a legendary cult musical phenomenon with more than 15 years of international touring, four studio records and a fan base of fervent punk rockers, soul music lovers, free jazz tea heads and garage rock officianados. Read More...